Lewy Physical Therapy

Use Checklist
  • Crossfit Rack Card - Status: Waiting on Approval/changes from Rayanna
  • Back Pain Thank You Cards - Status: Completed
  • Quote - Email Newsletter. Status: Completed
  • Quote - Print Newsletter. Status: Completed
  • Design - Testimonial Card 4 x 6. Status: Completed
  • Quote - Website. Status: Completed
  • Print - Brochures for Mary. Status: Waiting on changes from Mary
  • Design - Attorney Rack Card. Status: Waiting on approval/changes from Mary
  • Design - Tracy Business Cards. Status: Approved, waiting on go ahead from Mary
  • Design - Directional Pads. Status: Danny approved to print 100 pads x 25 sheets. Waiting on list of insurances for back.
  • Design - Standup Banners. Status: Waiting on approval/changes from Danny
  • Design - Senior Yoga Flyer. Status: Waiting on approval/changes from Danny
  • Design - Danny New Business Card
  • Design - Back Pain Thank You Card. Status: Completed
  • Shannon - Big Check. Status: Completed
  • Buttons: Status: Waiting for type and count from Danny
  • Referral Posters: Completed, ready for pick up
Use Checklist